Time moves fast

When we don't even notice have been in the last page of this chapter.

I still remember, when I spent my last day of 2013 having fun with Iwan, Febi, & Toni. Playing cards & Dota just like ordinary collage student.
I was in Jogja, just like 3 years before.
Like I always did.
Not really special because I didn't think that it should.

But the point is, some people, including me, need some milestone or pit stop, to divide this long long long journey of life into some chapters. And because we live in this years-domain universe, the most common things to divide this live journey is by years.

I am now zzzzz years old.
I didn't notice that I am at this stage in my -we can call young- ages.

Join one of the biggest manufacturing company in a deep-thought-and-full-of-consideration decision.
In a city I didn't know it is exist in Indonesia before I come into here.
I was absolutely wrong while thinking it would just be ordinary life inside it.
Time moves fast, but in here, it moves faster.
I always been forced to think. In here, looks like I've been forced in a higher level.
Induction, doing-learning jobs, job-field, first-mid-final of writing-learning-and-present improvement.
I still remember, I didn't even imagine it would be this full-of-life-science for being worker.
My brain grew in different way (again)

I have my salary for the first time,
and give my all for the first time, to get home, and live.
Feel how a "Mudik" is, even not in Lebaran Holiday.
17 hours sit properly in a bus. What a travel.

Then I travel by train to Cirebon, and surprise them with my present. for the first time.

I accompany her to get home in Jakarta, and help her to move to better place then.
Discuss for decorating the interior.
Exciting activity with full of emotions-sparks :p
& very delighted to be given your special film and notes for me.

One of the best things is went to Jogja to keep in touch with Mechanical Engineering Family in a ME-UGM-students ways.
Maybe will be the last time to join, but no regrets cause life must go on.
I just be thankful that I could join.
Sorry for someone out there, you know well that your man is this stupid moron.

At the end of first half, on her special day,
I just only can gave her notes,
Not everything about her of course, because I still have many things to write down :D

In 2nd half, I was fasting not in Semarang, Jogja, or even Parakan for the first time.
And only going home for 3 days for Lebaran!!
That's a "Mudik", what an absolutely hectic days but worth to try in live.

I cut my own "kambing", without even try his warm-tender-delicious-meat, haha.
That's hurts, I want to eat it too :(
Cook Sate or tongseng :(
Want it.

Going to Dufan, as I promise before.
3 times in a years. Not so big things I think.
With friends, with Ika, & with my beloved sister.
Many story had been tell, many words came out.
I think it was the first time I spent my whole day together with my sister in such kind of activity.

End years were Travels Time.
Journey of 2 persons who really miss their collage barn yard, haha
and as they always imagine, Jogja still have his style.
Reuni Akbar Teknik Mesin UGM, Ngayogjazz, find local souvenir, and of course exclusive-culinary.
What a package!!

Others trip are Cikampek, TMII, Cirebon, Jogja, Jakarta Timur, Pancoran.
Happy to be one of picture in theirs one of the best days.
Sorry for others, I couldn't join all, but I always wish the best for you!

In the end, I still have many things to do, still have many trip to complete.
But lets close this chapter with smile :)
Maybe I still have many fault this years,
Decreasing productivity in some portion,
But revolution for next chapter, Lets rock!! Increasing in many things!!

Thanks to everyone inside this chapter.
Really thankful I have you here :)

Happy Working Day in this 31 Dec 2014 :D

Karawang, 31 December 2014, 21.03

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